Saturday, July 31, 2010

August Food Deliveries

Upcoming food delivery dates and times are Tuesday August 10 at 12:15, Wednesday August 11 at 1:30, Wednesday August 18 at 1:30 and Wednesday August 25 at 3:15. Helping unload and store the cases of food received in these deliveries is an excellent opportunity for you to support the Saint Anthony's Food Pantry. If you are available at any of the delivery times for the month of August let us know by calling Paula, the Food Pantry Coordinator at 508-993-1691.

Please note that you can check for upcoming deliveries and other pantry activity by looking at our calendar here or using the link under "Basic Pantry Information" in the menu on the right.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank You Again Student Helpers

Yesterday students from Saint Francis Xavier School in Acushnet as well as young family members of some of our regular volunteers were back at the pantry helping out.

They were busy, busy, busy ... setting up tables; building grocery bags of non-perishables; bringing in produce from the refrigerator truck; preparing lunches; sorting and setting out clothing; wheeling in handtrucks loaded with cases of apple juice, milk, eggs, cheese, sausage patties, diapers and more for distribution; keeping the pantry entrance lines moving smoothly; folding cardboard for recycling; stacking and wrapping empty banana boxes; sweeping; cleaning; tossing out bags of trash; pitching in to help with any and all of the routine pantry tasks where their help was needed ... and in addition several of the students had a special task of distributing ice cream to people waiting in line before the pantry opened.

We were happy to have the student helpers here ... and so were the many folks who received ice cream. Thank you again.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

June Report

On the four Thursdays that the pantry was open this June we provided 2,684 bags of groceries to help a total of 671 families ... in those households there were 592 children under the age of 18. During June we also served 837 meals.

These figures reflect the help our pantry is providing to address the current situation where "one in every six Americans is in need of food assistance".

Providing groceries and lunches requires many volunteers and right now we have 83 persons listed as serving in the pantry. We couldn't do what we are doing without their help ... perhaps you would like to help as well ... if so please contact Paula Briden, Food Pantry Coordinator, by phone at 508-993-1691 or by email at .

Fresh produce is a very important part of our pantry operation and we are happy to note that Saint Anthony's is now listed at where gardeners can help diminish hunger by sharing excess garden produce with neighborhood pantries. We are looking forward to bountiful partnerships with the gardeners who contact us through this organization.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Baby Project

Each Thursday at Saint Anthony's Food Pantry, we host the independently run Baby Project; founded and administered by Diane Bolton since 2006. Diane attentively serves the many mothers and children who come to the Saint Anthony's Food Pantry with diapers, baby formula, and other support.

In order to fund the Baby Project requires a good amount of fund raising on Diane's part. Two important sources for money are the Postcard Project and the Aluminum Project. Profits from the sale of enlarged postcard reproductions and recycled soda cans are very important to sources of revenue for the Baby Project.

Donations of empty soda cans will be accepted at the Saint Anthony's Food Pantry any Thursdays from noon to 1:30 P.M.

Checks must be made out to The Baby Project or Diane Bolton.

Please do not make out checks to the Saint Anthony Food Pantry, as the Baby Project is independently run.

For more information, call Diane Bolton at (508) 994-8421.