Monday, February 27, 2012

Maureen Pride has been a volunteer at the food pantry for 6 years. She manages the kitchen area: ordering all paper products, organizing volunteers and setting up for lunch each week. She went to school to obtain Safe Serve Certification. No job is too small or too large for her. Most Thursdays by closing you can find her in the kitchen putting everything back in it's proper place. Volunteers that work in the kitchen area love Maureen's cheery smile. Clients know her by name. Maureen organized the pantry's participation in the Church's Holiday Fair last year earning over $300 to benefit the pantry. She has been an inspiration to student volunteers helping out on school vacations. She is a retired teacher and has not been idle since her retirement. Always a kind word to those she meets. We are lucky to have her!!

March 1st starts our participation in the Feinstein Challenge. Each year for the months of March and April we count every donation and send in the total amount to the Feinstein Foundation along with hundreds of food pantries around the country. One million dollars is then distributed to all participants proportionate to donations raised. Our share is usually between $300-$500 each year.

This year we have decided to have our Spaghetti Supper/Sock Hop in the fall. Details will follow as soon as we have a definite date.

Since obtaining a donation of a walk-in refrigeration/freezer unit we have been able to distribute fresh produce, eggs and milk on a regular basis. Words cannot express how grateful we are to the Tremblay Bus Company for their on going generosity and dedication to helping the poor. The generosity of many are what enables us to keep our door open each week. Each and every donation is appreciated by someone in need.

Last week the Youth Group from St Francis Church in Acushnet, MA. helped during their school vacation by donating their time. The did everything from washing dishes to carrying out groceries for the elderly. Young faces are always appreciated along with their enthusiasm.

I wish it was possible to thank everyone for their donations of food, money and time. Please come to visit the pantry any Thursday you might find yourself in our area.

" It is the responsibility of all to help the poor" God Bless. Paula, Director