Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All Saints Catholic School Food Drive

When All Saints Catholic School opened its doors for its first academic school year this fall there was new pavement, new floor, new class lists, and a new school community which combined the students of St. Joseph-St. Therese and St. Mary’s schools. There was also the important continuation of a long tradition of faith-based, values-oriented education and of caring for the community.

A recent food drive to bring awareness of the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables as well as assisting the poor was conducted by the school with food from the drive being given to Saint Anthony's for distribution at our pantry.

The efforts of the students at All Saints show the effects of the education students at the school are getting and these efforts are making a vital difference to the community served by the Saint Anthony's Food Pantry.

Monday, September 27, 2010

October Food Deliveries

Upcoming food delivery dates and times for the pantry this month are Tuesday October 12 at 12:15, Wednesday October 13 at 1:15, Wednesday October 20 at 1:15 and Wednesday October 27 at 3:15.

Helping unload and store the cases of food and produce received in these deliveries is an excellent opportunity to invest in service to God and others, and would be a wonderful beginning to taking action after Commitment Sunday this last weekend. Your support of Saint Anthony's Food Pantry is greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated. If you are available at any of the delivery times for the month of October or at the food distribution times on Thursdays let us know by calling Paula, the Food Pantry Coordinator at 508-993-1691.

Please note that you can check for upcoming deliveries and other pantry activity by looking at our calendar here or using the link under "Basic Pantry Information" in the menu on the right.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ongoing and Upcoming

We've had a busy Summer at the pantry and as Fall approaches we expect to be just as busy. Even if you are unable to volunteer at the pantry on Thursdays you can still help with an ongoing drive and with some upcoming efforts that are planned.

Believe it or not the most asked for item other than food at the pantry is for toilet paper! We are having a toilet paper drive right now during September and on into October. If you could bring in one roll every time you come to Mass at Saint Anthony's during those months it would be awesome.

During November and December we will be having another blanket drive. Last year's drive was very successful and we would like this year's to be just as helpful. The goal is to collect 350 new blankets to give out the week before Christmas — one to each of the families we regularly serve. This is a lot of blankets but together we can make it happen. Thank you for your generosity.

Next year, during March and April, we will once more be participating in the Feinstein Challenge.

And on April 30, 2011 we have a dinner/dance planned. We'd like to see you there.

For further information on participating in the pantry or in these efforts please contact Paula, the Food Pantry Coordinator at 508-993-1691.

Monday, September 6, 2010

On Any Given Thursday and More

During a Thursday afternoon visit to the Saint Anthony Pantry it wouldn't take anyone long to notice Doris Boivin. She seems to be everywhere, and to be doing everything … husking corn, bagging tomatoes, instructing new volunteers, directing long time volunteers, hauling trash and more. The only time Doris can be found standing still is during the prayer shortly before the pantry doors open.

It might take a little longer to spot Doris' husband Butch but he would be just as busy … loading or unloading the pantry truck, moving food, stacking pallets or even on one recent Thursday afternoon carefully repairing a Saint Jude plaque that had been donated.

But for both Doris and Butch the work on Thursday is only a small part of the time and energy they devote to the pantry. Other tasks that Doris does include purchasing, and procurement of the food, directing the team at each delivery, picking up bread, picking up and dropping off clothing and recruiting volunteers. Butch is the primary driver for the pantry truck during the four food pickups each month from New Bedford, Taunton and Boston. Butch also maintains the truck. Both Doris and Butch spend some 20 hours a week supporting the pantry in addition to other church work in which they are involved.

Doris and Butch have been generously helping at the pantry for quite some time. Doris remembers that when they started there were some 50 clients and about 20 helpers … there are many more clients than that now and more than 80 persons serving in the pantry. Doris and Butch also remember the trailer they bought and insulated for transport of the pantry groceries … they are both extremely thankful for the truck that we now have. They are also both very happy to still be helping and to be staying "energized" through the work they do. Two years ago the Anchor did a feature article on Doris and Butch which captures this energy and is well worth reading … a copy can be found here.

On any given Thursday or almost any other day of the week Doris and Butch are busy supporting the pantry. Their contribution is vital to the pantry's success and is an inspiration to the other volunteers. Perhaps they have inspired you as well and you are interesting in volunteering ... if so please contact Paula Briden, Food Pantry Coordinator, by phone at 508-993-1691 or by email at bpaula1@comcast.net .