Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Update on Recent and Upcoming Events

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the Spaghetti Supper/Sock Hop put on by the Food Pantry and the Youth Group a great success. It made for a fantastic evening of good food and great company.

This was a wonderful year for donations to the food pantry during the Feinstein Challenge. Each dollar donated and each item received during the challenge counts as a "dollar" towards a share in the Million Dollars distributed by the the Feinstein Foundation and this year we collected 33,757 in "dollars" during the months of March and April. We have been participating since 2006 when we collected 4,085 "dollars" and each year we have surpassed the previous year thanks to your generosity.

May 21 is Aviation Day at New Bedford Airport and we will be setting up a display table with information so that Aviation Day visitors can learn more about our food pantry. We will be selling candy bars and also have a jar available for donations. Last year 7,000 people attended this event and we are lucky to have been invited. Please stop by to visit us if you are there on that fun filled day!

Please remember that we are no longer accepting any used items. Please bring your used clothing and household donations directly to Planet Earth, Savers or Gifts for Giving.

Empty egg cartons and used plastic bags are always needed and of course any non perishable items you may have to spare are always appreciated. Toilet paper as always is one of the most requested items. Every roll donated is appreciated. Thanks again for all you do to help those less fortunate. Your donations mean a lot.

For further information on participating in the pantry or on donating to the pantry please contact Paula, the Food Pantry Coordinator at 508-993-1691.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Aluminum Buys Diapers

Aluminum donations are very important to the success of "The Baby Project" here at Saint Anthony's. Non-deposit recyclable aluminum cans have real value as scrap metal that helps pay for the diapers that "The Project" distributes each week in conjunction with the food pantry. You can help. To learn more read the flyer shown below or contact Diane Bolton at 508-994-8421.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Food Deliveries

Upcoming food delivery dates and times for this month are Tuesday May 10 at 12:15, Wednesday May 11 at 1:15, Wednesday May 18 at 1:15, and Wednesday May 25 at 3:15.

Even though we now have help from the folks at Harmony House we can still use more extra help with these tasks. Unloading and storing the cases of food and produce received in these deliveries is vital to the operation of the Saint Anthony Food Pantry. If you are available at any of the delivery times for the month of May, or at the food distribution times on Thursdays, let us know by calling Paula, the Food Pantry Coordinator, at 508-993-1691.

Please note that you can check for upcoming deliveries and other pantry activity by looking at our calendar here or using the link under "Basic Pantry Information" in the menu on the right.