Friday, March 30, 2012

Thanks to Rock Funeral Home

Thanks to the generosity of Rock Funeral Home canned hams will be distributed on Holy Thursday to food pantry families. Pictured from left to right:Aime Delaney, Jacquelyn Aubuchon, BetteDunn, Paula Briden and Curt Moraes.
The folks at Rock Funeral Home wanted to do something special for Easter and they certainly have helped the food pantry in a big way. Families will be surprised to be receiving such a wonderful gift for their Easter meal. We will also be distributing chickens, fruit pies and various assorted fresh vegetables. A bountiful meal will be enjoyed by those families we reach out to help each week.
This timely donation also counts in the Feinstein Challenge. We are half way through and we are doing great thanks to all of your generosity.  Bishop Stang High School had a cereal drive and collected 900 boxes of assorted cereals to be distributed. Joseph's Apprentices from Bishop Stang will be helping out at the pantry during April school vacation. Each year a dozen students come for the day to work at the pantry, they also provide lunch for the 300 or so we serve on that day. It is always inspiring to have youth help out to serve the needy.
Once a young man asked me how he could get a job like mine. I had to tell him there is no monetary reward but a big spiritual reward to be able to serve. Just ask any of our 50 volunteers what it means to them to be able to help out each week in some way.