Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012


Some of the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the WORLD.
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


December is turning out to be a hectic month at the Food Pantry.  
We are busy ggiving out all the winter coats, hats and mittens 
that have been donated.  The weather may be chilly but the
 enthusiasm of our volunteers makes up for the cold.  A new 
blanket drive has been started and we have already collected 
a dozen new blankets and $500 to purchase new blankets. 
 For those of you new to Saint Anthony Food Pantry blog,
we try to collect enough new blankets to be able to give each 
family one for Christmas.  Several years ago a gentleman asked 
if we had any blankets at the pantry.  We always try
to keep an emergency supply of towels,blankets and sheets
 for any family in desperate need, so we gave him a warm blanket.  
The very next day I saw the man walking down the 
street wrapped up in that blanket.  That is how the idea came 
about to give out blankets for Christmas.  For the past six months 
we have been saving toilet paper, laundry detergent,
tooth paste, shampoo and deoderant so we will also be giving
 out those items.   For the children we have christmas stockings 
donated by Lasallette Shrine, that we will be filling
with some goodies.   We are fortunate to have so many 
people in this area who care about those in need.  Visitors 
have come to the pantry and been moved to tears seeing some
of those waiting in line for our help.