Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter has Arrived!

It took until February 9th for our first major snow storm. Thankfully it didn't arrive until Friday so we were able to open on Thursday as usual. The need has increased and is greater than ever.

Starting January 3 we once again had to start limiting families to every other week to receive groceries, even with that we are helping almost 300 families each week and serving over 350 lunches. The generosity of people in our area never ceases to amaze me. So many weeks we find ourselves with limited supplies and an angel from somewhere will show up to help. Thankfully we have received and distributed over 400 winter coats this season and continue to hand out handknitted scarves,hats and mittens.

March 1st we will once again participate in the Feinstein Challenge and count every item donated thru April 30th on hope of obtaining a share of Mr. Feinstein's one million food challenge give a way.